By Xiaotong Ding (Claire), With Greg Page

A practical tool that enables a modeler to remove non-informative data points during the variable selection process of data modeling

In this article, we will introduce a powerful function called ‘nearZeroVar()’. This function, which comes from the caret package, is a practical tool…

By Xiaotong Ding (Claire), With Greg Page


In the digital world around us, we are surrounded by recommendation systems. The entertainment recommendations that we see from streaming movie and music services, the item suggestions presented to us when we shop online, and the targeted ads that appear after our…

by Xiaotong “Claire” Ding

Introduction & Purpose

The purpose of this analysis is to use logistic regression in order to identify risk factors for angina. Angina can be a symptom of coronary artery disease. Noted by severe pain in the chest, it is the result of reduced blood flow to…

Xiaotong Ding (Claire)

Master Student in Applied Business Analytics, Boston University

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